Clinical Psychologist
MA (Psych.) (UNP)
723 Tipperary Way, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0043
Tel/Fax: (012) 991 5065
Cel: 084 5101067
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Welcome to Facetomorrow.

Facetomorrow is a clinical psychology practice run by Eugene du Plessis (MA) (Psych.). The practice is located at 723 Tipperary Way, Faerie Glen, Pretoria. It is very easy to find. Please refer to the Contact Details page for a map and directions.

Facetomorrow aims to provide people with help for their psychological difficulties so that they can make the most of themselves. The practice assesses and treats adults, children, couples and families. I am also available for talks to groups on psychologically related topics. More specific information on specific treatment modalities can be obtained on the Services page.

Please feel free to contact the practice with any queries.

Please navigate the links on the page for further information.


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